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Alone on Christmas… Disyembre 21, 2008

Posted by thelostme in ako ay tutula.., Holidays, kwEntOng tUkmoL, ok, serious na..., pA-EmO epEk!.

the crying me...

Christmas is fast approaching.

I can feel it’s coldness,

My whole being, caressing slowly.

Literally and metaphorically.

The feeling of loneliness

Is starting to take over.

I tried to ignore it.

I tried to be numb for it.

For a year, I keep on trying.

I thought that I already have

Turned my heart into stone

And I could be alone.

But still, I want someone.

To  embrace me,

To be with me

And let the feeling of warmth envelop me.

The Christmas breeze has

Torn all of my defenses

And turned my smile

Into lonely cries.

And for a while I let myself suffer.

But I realize that I am not really alone.

Because this is the time

That Jesus Christ have been born.

And there is not a single person

That can love me and care for me

More than He does.

And so on Christmas, I am not alone.


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3: Merry Christmas to all! 😀